About Us

The convergence of language, culture, and technology

The convergence of language, culture, and technology often results in a conflict that can undermine the essence, quality, and functionality of a product or service, and users' access to it.


This is also true of digital products, particularly apps, websites, and other network portals.


LocalPro’s professional localization services help Israeli companies and entrepreneurs to overcome the obstacles by adapting existing apps to Israeli language, market and culture.

LocalPro supports its customers throughout the entire process of adapting the app to the Israeli market.



In the initial stage we help customers define their business needs and the technical specifications of the app.



Then we comb the global market for the right app and negotiate the purchase of the rights to use it.



Our localization experts then adapt the language, graphic design, and user interface to the Israeli market.

In addition to localization services, LocalPro analyzes the latest trends in global apps and selects those that have high implementation feasibility and a good chance of succeeding on the Israeli market.

For additional details on our full range of localization services for apps, Contact Us Our professional team will be happy to offer you the services that best suit your needs, in order to save you money and introduce your app to the Israeli market as soon as possible.